– The Art of Mad Men – Vintage Ad Art Collection – The Art of Mad Men – Vintage Ad Art Collection is a privately funded non-profit project that aims to help enhance culture and education. The Art of Mad Men – Vintage Ad Art Collection.

30,000 vintage designs


Visitors will gain an insight into the fascinating world of graphic advertising, which provides a unique impression of the spirit of the age. More than 30,000 vintage designs from over 50 countries and spanning a period from 1891 to 1970 are featured on Every day, a particular part of the collection is showcased. Visitors can also explore the collection using their own search terms and share their favorite designs with friends.

In our view, the most interesting period in graphic advertising began in 1891, when artists such as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec enriched the world of advertising with their creative masterpieces. Even back then, posters were treated and collected as works of art. Our collection covers a time span of 80 years, ending in 1970 when poster advertising declined significantly due to the widespread popularity of television.

During the course of our research, it has become clear to us that virtually nothing embodies the spirit of an age more vividly than advertising. Unlike the written word, graphic advertising conveys its message primarily through visual depictions of values and emotions. Each image gives us a clear impression of the needs that prevailed or were emerging at the time it was created, and what was considered desirable and modern. In this respect, the collection provides an exceptionally illustrative and surprisingly comprehensive account of 80 years of human development.

In choosing pieces for the collection, we have allowed ourselves to be guided by our individual taste – our subjective idea of what is beautiful, well-designed, technically sophisticated, potentially groundbreaking, and, ultimately, what could be considered art.

Discover the Art of Mad Men – The Vintage Ad Art Collection.