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What is PayPal? How can I pay? Who has access to my payment information?

By using PayPal, customers can pay by credit card, bank account or PayPal account. PayPal is easy to operate, fast and extremely safe, as the vendor has no access to customer credit card and bank information. PayPal is an eBay company and the leading online payment service worldwide with more than 150 million customer accounts. Customers can open the payment dialogue by clicking on ”Cart Contents”.

When does delivery take place?

Delivery of the goods takes place as soon as payment of the goods has been credited to the vendor’s account in full. It can take up to 5 working days for the funds to be credited to the vendor’s account, depending upon the method of payment.

How long does shipment take? Are the goods insured? What does shipping cost? Is there a shipping discount for the purchase of several items?

The vendor confirms the dispatch of the goods with a confirmation e-mail to the customer. Swiss Post is assigned with the shipment of goods. Shipping occurs by registered post and is effected using the fastest mode of dispatch, “Priority“.

Region Shipment time (1) Insurance (2)

Shipping costs (3)

Switzerland 1 day to max. CHF 500


Europe 2-7 days to max. CHF 150


Other countries 3-8 days to max. CHF 150



1 Shipment times in accordance with information supplied by Swiss Post.

2 Higher insurance amounts are not possible. Insurance costs are included in the shipping costs.

3 The shipping costs are shown on the invoice in the currency selected by the customer. The shipping costs include packing, transport and insurance costs.

In order to guarantee optimum insurance cover, every item is sent out individually. For this reason, there is no reduction in shipping costs for the purchase of several items.

Is duty included in the price?

It is possible that duty fees and/or Value Added Tax may be levied depending upon the legislation of the country to which the goods are sent. The vendor has no influence over these costs; they are to be paid by the customer.

What is the quality of the goods?

“Year Initials“ are commodities, i.e. like coins, the plates show significant signs of use to a lesser or greater extent. The vendor only sells high quality plates.

“Year Initials“ 1956 to 1988

A sample picture is shown in the shop for plates from the years 1956 to 1988, i.e. the customer receives a comparable plate of the same issue (year / initials). The vendor does not sell plates with missing parts or with holes which are not original. However, scratches, slight discoloration and mounting traces are common.

“Year Initials“ before 1956

Depending upon the Canton, the years before 1956 are single specimens, if they are obtainable at all. For this reason, the vendor also sells specimens from these “Year Initials“ with minor flaws. The majority of these plates have a unique design and, instead of the double initials, they often have others forms of lettering. So that the customer has full transparency in respect of design and quality, the exact specimen of the plate which the customer can purchase is shown for these plates.

Other goods

For all other goods, the quality is included in their detailed description.

Can the authenticity of the goods be confirmed?

Every “Year Initials“ is an original. The customer receives a signed authenticity certificate for every plate. With this certificate, the vendor confirms that the goods delivered are bicycle license plates manufactured on behalf of the relevant Swiss authority and issued for the year indicated on the “Year Initials“. The serial number of the “Year Initials“ is recorded on each certificate.

The vendor confirms that he does not produce any additional “Year Initials“ , nor does he have any produced or deal in reproductions.

Can they be gift-wrapped or put into a presentation box?

“Year Initials“ from 1956 to 1988 are supplied in a specially designed, three-part presentation box in the size of a DVD box (see picture on the website). For plates before 1956 different packaging may be used (see detailed goods description).

Can I return the goods?

Goods may only be returned if the goods delivered do not match those ordered by the customer. In such cases, the return is to be notified to the vendor within 28 days after dispatch (as per postmark) using the contact form on the website.