OW 1977

Kanton: Obwalden
Jahr: 1977

Material: Aluminium
Abmessungen: 5 x 8 cm / 1.97 x 3.15 in

CHF 232.50

Presentation Box

This “Year Initials“ will be supplied in a specially designed, three-part presentation box in the size of a DVD box.

Authenticity Certificate

Every “Year Initials“ is an original. The customer receives a signed authenticity certificate for every plate. With this certificate, the vendor confirms that the goods delivered are bicycle license plates manufactured on behalf of the relevant Swiss authority and issued for the year indicated on the “Year Initials“. The serial number of the “Year Initials“ is recorded on each certificate.


Special Edition are single specimens, if they are obtainable at all. For this reason, the vendor also sells specimens from these ‘Year Initials’ with minor flaws. The majority of these plates have a unique design and, instead of the double initials, they often have others forms of lettering. So that the customer has full transparency in respect of design and quality, the exact specimen of the plate which the customer can purchase is shown for these plates.