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The Museum of Swiss Bicycle License Plates displays the world’s largest and most complete collection of Swiss bicycle license plates, issued between 1892 and 1988. It is the largest virtual museum in Europe.

„Year Initials“ are a Swiss specialty. Bicycles used to only be permitted on public roads with these official license plates. The first plates were pressed in 1892 and the last ones in 1988. No other country has developed such creative diversity in the design of bicycle license plates (Swiss = Velonummern). Some of the older bicycle license plates are no longer obtainable. Even out of the most recent issues there are probably no more than 300 surviving specimens in any Canton (State).

There are only five noteworthy collections worldwide; the biggest and most complete one exhibits the Museum of Swiss Bicycle License Plates.

Their rarity, the year they were pressed, their legendary design, the seemingly rather peculiar idea of their founders in 1892 and the associated Swissness have turned the former basic commodity into a cult object, as a personal birthday gift and a special souvenir.

Every plate has discovered a part of Switzerland with its bicycle and has its own unique history and little secret.
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Authenticity Certificate: We confirm that every bicycle license plate is an original which was manufactured on behalf of the Swiss authorities.

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